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The fastest path to consistently lowering your score is by optimizing your best asset... YOU. The human body is our instrument that we play to achieve success, and optimizing it for peak golf performance requires fine-tuning our mind, body, and skillset. Through logic, consistency, and sweat equity, we lay the foundation for success. Golf Aggressive - Don’t Wait For Luck!
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Mar 9, 2016

Last week we discussed warming up your mind for the golf season… this week we will discuss warming up your body.


Preparing your body for the season is crucial to prevent injury, perform your best, and live longer.


This Challenge isn't going to be based on results in your score or performance… rather, we are going to do a 'consistency' challenge. This means, you will score yourself based on the items we give you each day and report in.


We will be putting our members through this starting next week.


There are 8 criteria… some are daily… some are one-time things.


Rich will be building one of his famous checklists to post on the main Golf Aggressive Facebook page here:


It's going to be 3 weeks, it's going to start March 14th… right after daylight savings time changes again… and who the hell thought of this bs anyway? What does it do? No one has ever given me a straightforward answer.


So… the winner of the Challenge that starts on March 14 will win three months membership into the


So here's the hard 8 we will be focusing on during this consistency challenge:


Step 1: Regain Touch


INDOOR: End your day right before bed with 15 minutes of putting and chipping.


OUTDOOR: If weather and daylight permit, hit the public putting green for a quick 18 holes of putting and about 30 to 40 chips from various area's around the green.


Step 2: Work on Fundamentals with GTG


Use our Greasing the Groove Principle to jumpstart your fundamentals.

Use a mirror.. Then graduate to no mirror. Have a pro check your setup and alignment on driver, irons, chipping, and putting.


INDOOR: 15 minutes throughout the day, work on your setup and alignment. Rotate through driver setup and alignment, medium iron setup and alignment, putting setup and alignment, and chipping setup and alignment.


Step 3: Use Our New Practice Workout


Weather permitting, hit the practice range and green a minimum of 30 minutes 3 days per week. If weather is bad, you should still be doing Step 1 and Step 2 and making progress towards regaining feel while improving your fundamentals.


Last month we introduced a new Practice Session 'workout'. Designed just like a workout with sets, reps, and a clear focus for each session… use the basic one we laid out for 3 days a week inside the members area of


Step 4: Start Exercising


Last week we did a little survey where we gave away the Golf Body Audit… just a short workout test to see where you are physically… you can do that to measure yourself… but you need to be on a regular plan too.


Yep… if you took part in our Flatbelly Challenge, you are well aware of how important fitness is to your game. Our flatbelly challenge focuses on dropping unwanted fat and increasing flexibility and strength. We even have a walking challenge In that rich… and I'm questioning your numbers. Do you have little scooters you take partially around your neighborhood?


If you haven't started exercising yet… you need to get this going ASAP.


I think I'll release a revised 14-day jumpstart workout this week Rich… to get people a kick in the ass. What do you think about that?


It's a good start… and there's like probably a years worth of fat burning workouts inside of the I mean… no one has the amount of golf specific workouts we have.


Most golf fitness guys are one and done… let's make this video look super awesome. We don't roll like that. We make our shit good… great even. And we deliver results.


Give me some results from the FBC of our participants… and you know, this is how we measure the Results.


We don't just make a workout, make it pretty, hire a marketing firm and sell it for 10 years. We test our stuff every time… we help the students… and we get results.


I'll put our results up against anybody!


I sound like Donald Trump.


Step 5: Work on Flexibility


A big, big, big deal to our readers… I'll release a short stretch program you can perform right before bed this week. I would do this a minimum of 4 times per week.


Step 6: Pledge to Use Statistics this Year


Just like Donald Trump wants you to pledge your vote to him, you should pledge to track your stats on EVERY ROUND this year.


This is absolutely crucial if you want to grab the low hanging fruit and make rapid score decreases in your game. By centering in on our worst area's, we have the most room to improve. Stats are the only way to do this.


Install an app, track scorecards… whatever it takes, never play a round without keeping stats!


Step 7: Check Your Equipment


First of the season is a great time to buy new clubs and shoes and anything else you need for the upcoming season.


Do yourself a favor though and see a PGA fitting professional… we aren't talking the guys with the trackman at the big box stores. A real seasoned professional who watches your ball flight. Computers are good, but a human with Jedi skills is even better.


Even if you aren't retooling your inventory, get a fitting and have your clubs fine tuned. With the cold weather, you won't miss your clubs while they are in the shop.


Step 8: Assess Your Distance


Yep… first of the season I bet you have NO CLUE how far you hit every club! And if you use our workouts and challenges, that numbers going to go UP… so it's a good place to start lowering your score… it is also the easiest!


We have a full distance assessment module inside of the for you to print out and take to the range… we also have a few videos in there for you.






  1. 15-minutes per day chipping and putting indoors… or outdoors if weather is ok.
  2. 15-minutes per day of GTG setup and alignment.
  3. Implement 30-minute Practice Workout 2-3 times per week.
  4. Start exercising to lose fat and regain endurance.
  5. Stretch before bed every night for 15-minutes
  6. Install a stats tracking app and learn how to use it.
  7. Get your equipment checked
  8. Once you are striking the ball decent, perform our distance assessment test to learn your exact club distances. Do this day 1, and last day of the Challenge.


If you want to take part in this challenge you can certainly do it on your own… or with our group of golf nuts we call lovingly the Birdie Brigade. Come join us at






Listen all the way to the end and then visit to make your entry so you are eligible to win 1 full year of Whataburger.



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